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Welcome to Crypto-Gaming!

Welcome to the Crypto-Gaming experience. Please get familiar with how we get you some of the best prices on some of the latest games! Even with out being a member, you can still get great deals! All with out selling your assets for another asset. Our goal is to simplify your buying experience as an XRPL digital asset enthusiast! While also enhancing your experience if you choose to become a member! We want to welcome all users new and old. So please use our links to helpful resources that has been used by the XRPL community.

Below are several external websites to help you navigate our website regarding Crypto Wallets and Cryptocurrency. Our supported Crypto wallet is XUMM and you will need it to purchase the items on our website. Each item can provide you with an optional NFT as a “Receipt” of the transaction! Not only is the payment recorded on the blockchain, but you can retain an NFT of the item you purchased. Some may have special art, or may just be the item’s “Box art”. This is completely optional on your part. We will provide more information on the external websites to help you understand why we are sending you to external resources rather than writing paragraphs to explain the same processes. The “Get Familiar” button below takes you to the project TRSRY XRPL. We are not partnered, but we believe they provide plenty of helpful resources to help you understand the ecosystem that we have built our store on.

In the end, lets all just learn the secret.. Which is just to have fun gaming!


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