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I have mostly stayed away from the Ethereum network, due to my own ignorance and blinders. However, as things have quickly advanced, I have begun exploring this network much more. And I am finding things I have sorely missed from all other networks. Solana being the closest to gaming, and BNB being 3rd (all just my opinion of course). But what I wanted to say, is that is that I am glad to have found the project Altaira. While their current game development is not considered on the Ethereum network (its undecided at this time) their guild pass mint will be on the Eth network. I want to share my thoughts on their upcoming mint and what I plan on doing my self-come the day of mint. If you would like to find out more about the project and the upcoming mint, make sure you join the Discord as it is full of information and people willing to answer questions.

Public Mint has started! Click Link to go to Mint Page!


You will now be able to buy them in Fiat OR Eth!

All NFTs are limited to a certain amount given to each of the 4 Kingdoms.

Use this Link for more information on the contests mentioned below reward-details.pdf (

Tier 1 0.05 Eth (Limited to 750 per Kingdom!)

Lets talk about Tier 1 and what you get for the roughly $70 price tag!

  1. Guild Membership:
    • This is the whole reason you purchase ANY of these tiers. It is guild membership of the project allowing you to participate in all the fun! Below is an mockup of the Guild dashboard you will have access to as a guild member. I strongly recommend you check out Altaira | Guild for ALL the details on what you get as a member.
    • Through the Guild Dashboard, you will have the chance to receive this ring showing you are part of the guild everywhere you go! This is from further gamification rank ups!
Guild Membership ring
Guild Membership Ring
Access to the Guild Dashboard where you can chat with other guild members and also see what’s the latest news!
  1. Digital rewards
    • This includes the NFT providing you the guild membership. It will be generative art with traits that can be a range of rarities. I expect there will be additional emphasis on the traits at a later time, but for now they are purely cosmetic.
    • A FIO handle! These are used to help the community to send and receive Crypto tokens/NFTs /etc. FIO and Altaira will partner and provide a great user experience throughout the whole Web3 experience. Check them out at FIO Dashboard – Altaira (
  1. Prizes
    • Currently there is not much information I could find regarding the Vault, but they are going to explain further. I will update this once possible!
  1. Physical Items
    • None at this tier
  1. Altairan Game Pass Tier 1
Altairan Game pass will provide MULTIPLE user benefits with partnered gaming projects
  • I have talked with many in the community to provide you with a further explanation of this pass!
    • Ever growing pass, meaning any new partnerships/bonuses to those partnered projects can continue to grow. This means if a new game project is onboarded as a partner 1 year from today, and they offer benefits to the tiered game pass, you will get them. You will see in the following tiers that the higher you have, the more benefits you get. But this being the base foundation, you can quickly see the #1 feature is ACCESS to the games!! With Web3 gaming we have seen most “locked” behind owning an NFT. If you check out the games listed here, I think you will agree that the Tier 1 Altairan pass already provides a great value at ~$80 when you look at the NFT floor prices for some of these games!
    • You also get closed beta access to both games from Altaira! You can help shape the game and make this an epic experience for all Altairans.

Tier 2 Eth 0.17 (Limited to 800 per Kingdom!)

Tier 2 includes ALL of the Tier 1 rewards, so I will not be going over those, just what you will get extra. At the current time it is about $260, so you are looking at an increase of about $180. I would consider this relatable to a Collector’s Edition.

  1. Digital
    • You automatically receive the Bronze Crest trait. This is similar to a Frame around your player icon which will show up around your Guild NFT PFP. Below I have a screenshot of an example of the NFTs, you can see the crests around their border.
      • NOTE: Your Guild NFT PFP will not be related to your in-game character for the Altaira MMO nor the Mini game. That means you can choose which ever Kingdom you want for your Guild membership, and still be whatever you want in the game.
  1. Prizes
    • This tier provides an entry to a contest in their Live event called Light Festival. The Light Festival looks to be a very unique experience that I am looking forward to attending!! You can view more information about it here. Fantasy Drone Light Show | Altaira Light Festival This live event will take place on May 6th, 2023, in Utah USA.
  1. Physical
    • Another reason I consider this the “Collector’s Edition” is it is the first Tier providing a physical item. There currently isn’t information on the Swag Bag that I have seen, so I will update this with that information when available!
  1. Game Pass
    • You still get all the great benefits from Tier 1 Game pass. The big item here is you will get an actual game character and starter deck for the Altairan games when they go live. The prior Tier 1 gives you access to the Betas, but you will not have a character on the live game unless you purchase one, or have this Tier.

Tier 3 Eth 0.25 (Limited to 800 per Kingdom!)

Tier 3 includes ALL of the Tier 1 & 2 rewards, so I will not be going over those, just what you will get extra. At the current time it is about $380, so you are looking at an increase of about $120-300. I would consider this relatable to a Super charged Edition. You may have noticed that Game studios have started adding an “Extra edition” beyond the Collector’s Edition. This edition “levels” up the game pass to Tier 2 and will be the main motivating factor in my opinion of choosing this one.

  1. Digital
    • Upgraded to Silver Crest trait from the previous Bronze.
  1. Prizes
  1. Altairan Game Pass Tier 2
  • Access to these games is already taken care of from Tier 1! So now you are getting EXCLUSIVE items that are only available to Game pass holders! There will be no other way to get these exclusive items in those games. Web 3 gaming exclusivity is one of the biggest bonuses expected. As you will have something no one else will have, and these items will hold different sentimental value to others in the games.
  • Some of these items are FIRST of their kind. Uldor currently doesn’t have a sword type weapon, so the Amethyst Blade will be the first of its kind! There had not been any mentions of a wolf mount in the game Britaria, so another one-of-a-kind deal!!

Tier 4 Eth 0.9 (Limited to 136 per Kingdom!)

Tier 4 includes ALL of the Tier 1 – 3 rewards, so I will not be going over those, just what you will get extra. At the current time it is about $1380, so you are looking at an increase of about $1120-1300. I would consider this the Tier where the “gotta have the best” would be. These would be considered the “Elite Gamers” The ones that have $3000 Graphics cards to play Minecraft! They just have to have the best, because they can’t fathom having anything other. This is a big price jump, and maybe not what I would think an “average gamer” would be looking to pay. Let’s take a look at you get! (This is most likely the Tier I will get)

  1. Digital
    • Upgrade to the Gold Crest trait for your NFT.
  1. Prizes
    • Entry into the Altairan Sword and Sheild contest.
  1. Physical
    • The Collector’s version of the Swag bag, no information currently on what this will contain.
  1. Altairan Game pass Tier 3
  • This is the final tier of the Game pass and provides the best items that partnering projects are offering Game pass holders. These are more one-of-a-kind exclusive items! We know there will be more and more partnerships coming up with unannounced items! To make sure you get the best they have to offer, there is no other choice than the Tier 3. However, Tiers 1 and 2 have great benefits and will most likely reward most gamers with more than they can keep up with. It’s possible that the new partnerships don’t align with the type of games you even like, so there is a chance they will not provide any extra value to you personally.

Tiers 5 & 6 : Eth 4 & 21 (Tier 5 Limited to 12 per Kingdom, Tier 6 limited to 2(!) per Kingdom)

These are very much more of the investor type levels. I don’t see any average gamer type investing this much money into the project. So, I would expect that if you were looking to spend this much money on the project, you already have a well-grounded understanding of the project and their vision. I will post the infographic here for your reference, but any deeper understanding, please check the official socials/discord.

I hope this helps you understand the different tiers and what tier may best fit your situation! Please leave a comment on any questions you may have, and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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