Minting Dilemma!

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I wanted to provide more information on what I will be doing myself. I have a family of 4, and we all play games of all types. I am the only one that really plays multiple ones, so I keep that in my mind as I try to decide how best go into the upcoming mint. Here are some of the things I kept in mind.

  • Who will appreciate what from the different tiers.
  • Which tier makes the most sense for the individual. I have 2 sons and my wife, knowing their game habits helps me in deciding which Tier to give them.
  • Every Tier gives the Game pass, so who do I think will actually want to extra benefits beyond Tier 1.
  • My available funds! And the limited aspect of the mint itself.
  1. Who will appreciate what?
    • Both of my sons are fairly young 11/14 years old, and I take into consideration what does the next 3-5 years have to do with their interest. Well for starters, I think Altaira will be much more than a gaming brand, as they already have live events that are not gaming related. So, while my oldest son will be going through the better/more fun parts of his teenage years, I know his gaming habits may take a backseat as he is getting out more with his friends. My youngest will be entering where my oldest is today. I expect that his gaming interests will probably still be there. My wife is more of a community driven gamer. She enjoys helping her guildmates and just playing with other people in general. She likes collectable things such as skins/mounts/etc.
  2. Which Tier makes the most sense for them?
    • My wife is a collector and community supporter. Much more than I am! However, she is not a game hopper at all. So, when I am thinking of which Tier to get her, I am strictly thinking of what benefits she will gain in Altaira. This helps immensely when deciding, because its less fields I have to look at.
    • My 2 sons are more game jumpers than my wife, however they do not seek the same collector items from outside sources. They will play the games and collect things in-game, but the other stuff normally they don’t take notice of.
  3. Every Tier provides a version of the Game pass.
    • At the base level, the game pass provides access to multiple different games! This is in and of itself one of the greatest benefits. At Tier 2 you begin getting the exclusive items provided to game pass holders, and at Tier 3 you get the best items provided! So, using the 2 previous things that I thought about, I thought that no matter what, at the very least we all will get access to the games.
  4. Available funds and limited time mint.
    • I think this is the most important aspect for all of us. If funds weren’t an issue, we would all have the top Tier! Here I thought about the Mint date, and the secondary market. We all know the secondary market can be volatile and provide good deals over time, sometimes. There are also times when the secondary market is the opposite, and the only chance to get in at an affordable price was at Mint!
      • No matter what, there will only be 10000 memberships of this kind. As the project grows and onboards more members, there may be a time that it makes sense to add a different kind of membership. I would expect that whatever this new membership provides, would be retroactive for current member holding the original membership NFTs.
      • Value of Mint vs Secondary. I could buy my NFT (Tier 4 @ .9 Eth) and wait for the secondary market to start selling and shop for deals. That is a legit option in my opinion. But when it comes to projects, I am truly fond of and interested in, I want the money to go to the project founders. The secondary market may provide some type of royalties, but that’s pennies on the dollar. I could save a lot of money possibly, but that money will not be going to the project for funding. So, I always plan on purchasing during Mint, so that the money goes to the life blood of the project itself.
      • Mint sells out! This is what every project looks to have on day one. 10000 NFTs is a lot and I don’t particularly think they will sell out on day one. I don’t consider this a bad thing, because I have to think of the state of the world’s economy and how it plays into “spendable entertainment money”. So, while there is a limited quantity, I am not stressing on the urgency of getting all my mints on day 1 of mint. I will of course keep monitoring and if it does seem like there is a good chance of selling out, I will make sure I have the funds available somewhere to execute my plan.

Plan of attack and how I will get all 4 NFTs and at what Tiers

In closing, this is my plan for myself. I hope all the things I had to think about helps you make a plan for yourself if you are facing the same requirements in needing multiple Tiers for your family! To start off I DO NOT have my funds ready in terms of switched to Eth and sitting in a wallet ready for Mint Day. So, this is how I am going to get ready. Right now, I am at .25 Eth, so you know where I am starting from!

  • My own mint will be a Tier 4 (0.9 Eth), this gives me the Tier 3 Game pass on day 1. There are multiple games in the pass that I plan to play. So, for me, this is the best choice. So I have .7 more Eth I need to get. We have a little bit of volatility in the market, so I am trying to time my Eth buys so that I can save what I can. Saving where I can for my mint will help me on the back end of my other mints for everyone else.
  • The Tiers I decided to mint for my family.
    • Wife – Tier 2 (0.17 Eth)
    • Oldest Son – Tier 1 (0.05 Eth)
    • Youngest Son – Tier 1 (0.05 Eth)
  • I will continue watching the mint to try and gauge how much time I have to keep saving up for the other 3 NFTs. If there is an urgency to mint within the first week, I have projects I can funnel funds from, I will just take less from those projects. If the mint is a steady sell and doesn’t seem there is any danger of minting out quickly, I will continue dollar cost averaging into Eth. As I hit my miles stones, with the first being 0.17 Eth, I will mint the NFT and begin saving up again for the next, until I finally have all 4!


  • I need a total of ~ 1.3 Eth to buy and cover fees all the NFT mints I am looking to purchase.
  • Based on my family and my needs, I am going with 1 Tier 4, 1 Tier 2 and 2 Tier 1 NFTs.
  • I am trying to reduce my costs by DCA into Eth during volatility, so that my dollars go further.

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